• Does anyone know if it's possible to duplicate accounts created on yii 1.1 into nodebb? Either an existing well maintained plugin/integration or some leads that I could send to the dev I work with on how this might be accomplished.

    When people sign up on yii, I would like the same username/password created on nodebb.
    If the account is removed on yii, to have it removed in the forum but not the other way around.

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    @nodeham You'd be looking for something like session-sharing, so that logged-in users on the Yii site automatically log in on NodeBB.

    It doesn't do actual syncing of user accounts, but that should be ok, as long as they are not logged in anymore, then they won't be able to log into the NodeBB account either.

  • @julian

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    Let me see if I understand. You are saying that there is a way to share the yii session in a way that would allow users to use nodebb.

    I'm not understanding how that would work if the user doesn't have an account on nodebb or are you saying they would have to go through the usual process but later, when logged into yii, then they could use nodebb without having to log in if they are logged into yii already?

  • @Julian,

    I asked a yii dev and he said 'I don't know if the session management in YII is compatible to NodeBB's'.

    Are you saying that it is? And if so, could you lead me to some documentation?

  • Anyone? Can anyone explain a little how we might accomplish this. I need more information so I can research what was shared as an idea.

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