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  • Hi nodebb community,

    I am trying out nodebb for a project. I cloned the git repo, and ran docker-compose up. Then when I visited, I see the message You are just a few steps away from launching your own NodeBB forum!, where I have to fill details to Configure the database. I am using mongoDB. Where do I get the details like

    1. Host IP or address of your MongoDB instance: tried, ip of the mongodb container, mongo
    2. Host port of your MongoDB instance: this is present in the docker-compose file and is 27017
    3. Username
    4. Password
    5. Database name

    I guess the last 3 can be left blank. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
    P.S: Kudos to the nodebb devs for the clean code.

  • Seeing up NodeBB with docker isn't officially supported. I suggest you use the Ubuntu guide:

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