SOLVED phpbb >nodebb, admin/mods cannot edit

  • @pitaj Thank you very much for helping on this. Just curious, is there a reason this plugin is disabled by default or did we disable it by accident?

    One odd thing is that there is html code stuck in the text when editing. When removing that, it makes the text one huge blob.

    I think I am missing another plugin that I've missed because of this initial problem. For example, none of the edit tools show when editing such as bold, code, etc.

    Not sure if you want me to ask these things here or back in the thread so it can help others.

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    Generally you want to enable most of the installed plugins. I suggest going through the list and selecting each plugin that sounds like something you want/need.

    I'm not sure how they got disabled, it's certainly possible the importer did it. I don't know what exact steps you took to import your data.

  • @pitaj I found out what happened. During the conversion from phpbb, the dev had a bunch of problems and one of the things done was to disable all of the plugins. I believe there are some 15 installed but only one active which would probably answer why the text in the posts are all messed up.

    Is there a list somewhere that shows which plugins are enabled by default with a new install? I'm looking on the net for that but not finding anything. I would probably have to re-install a new nodebb to know this otherwise.

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  • Thanks for the list of plugins. I re-enabled those but had to disable the markdown one as it definitely adds html code into the posts.

    I also found out since my last post that ./nodebb reset was used as part of the conversion from phpbb. I'm not sure I'll be able to make this live, it's too much of a mess. There is html code all over everything and it's in fact a mix of html and phpbb bb code I think it's called.

  • I will start a new thread for the other problems. Thank you very much for the help.

  • @nodeham try downloading the Quill Editor plugin to replace the default Markdown editor. Quill has an option to convert previously post into Quill format which might help remove the HTML tags. I have not tried it since I used Redact instead. Redact doesn't have that conversion option though.

  • @keng-her Thank you. I'll back everything up and try that and report back.

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