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  • GNU/Linux Gamers

    Hello. I have an issue with Persona's quick reply feature at the bottom of the post.

    You see, when you want to make a reply to a post with the Blue reply button, the composer won't allow you to submit it if the post content is not long enough (min/max char count is configurable in ACP), BUT the quick reply feature doesn't have this, meaning users can

    • spam blank replies
    • Create infinitely long replies

    This is definetely an issue with my Forum because my users love the quick reply feature so much and so do I, so is there a way to fix this? Should I open an issue (please send link)? Is there a temporary/permanant fix I can do?

  • NodeBB Admin

    The quickreply uses the same route to post replies as the regular composer so it should have the same checks as regular replies for content length. I tested with empty content and got the error message.

    What are you min/max settings in the ACP?

  • GNU/Linux Gamers

    @baris oh, I was mixing up min title length with post length, it was set to 0. Thanks @baris

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