Need freelancer with Nodebb experience

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    In general, we don't begin work for non-trivial projects without a 10% advance. Milestones are added if necessary. Keeps both parties honest. Thank you for your warning @Schamper!

  • Sorry to hear about that. Definitely ask for an advance next time, you're a well-respected person here so there should be no reason why someone would distrust you

    Was your work something that could be useful for the rest of the community (ex. plugin)? If it's something cool I wouldn't mind giving you a little something out of my own pocket for you to release it

  • @julian @psychobunny just 5 more seconds, jeeze.
    Took the words out of my ...text, advancement shows trust.

  • you type too slow 😛

  • @psychobunny said:

    I wouldn't mind giving you a little something out of my own pocket for you to release it

    😆 to quote reddit /r/nocontext.

  • LOL no comment

  • @a_5mith @julian @psychobunny
    I had an advancement, but since the price itself was very low the advancement wasn't that much either 😉 the current work done on it would be worth more than the final amount.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not that mad about the money, since I considered this more of a "charity" project with a little payment. If I'd be building this for a large, serious party I could probably ask a whole lot more. Because I considered it to be a "charity" project I didn't bother writing up and signing any paper work.

    The point of this "review" was more to let other developers be cautious when agreeing to do some paid work for him.

    To conclude, yes it's something the community can benefit from. It's a rework/extension on the WebRTC plugin. It'd be possible to create (private or public) rooms (from anywhere in NodeBB) which people could join. It'd support most of the experimental WebRTC stuff like Chrome screensharing etc. It'd also be easily extendible with new WebRTC functions.

    Like I said, I'm not worried about the money, it's not like I really need it. I'll just put this project on hold and work on other stuff (poll plugin ;)).

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