The forum requires code at each login to the management interface

  • I am also connected to the forum itself
    A lot of times I go to a management interface that requires me to re-code

    Then if I attach settings to a new tab, and leave the forum open with another tab
    It also disconnects me from the forum itself

    Is there a way to overcome this?
    Thank you!

  • GNU/Linux Gamers

    @ab Iā€™m sorry what are you asking? When you say the management interface, do you mean ACP (Admin control panel)? And there is an automatic session end setting in the control panel somewhere in the Settings section - not sure exactly where.

  • @dunlix Thank you very much for the reply
    I mean the management interface of the forum itself
    Once I log in to the forum and my user is logged in
    Once I try to enter the site management settings it asks for login verification again
    Anyway I found the definition you're talking about
    Of disconnecting the manager after a time of termination
    Maybe that's the reason
    I changed it indefinitely and we'll see if it worked out

  • @dunlix Indeed what you said was the problem
    I set it to 0 which is unlimited instead of 60
    And now everything is fine
    Thank you very much

  • GNU/Linux Gamers

    @ab Your welcome. In this community forum, it is referred to as the ACP.

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