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  • Hello. I don’t know if anyone heard about this, but this is a very useful program for editing your database for NodeBB (or anything). It has an actual interface to connect. I think it is only on windows, so if you run NodeBB on windows connect on the same machine with or use your private IP if another machine.
    I used this a lot when that bug for saving group settings was still a thing (fixed in 1.16.2 I think)

    Anyways that is useful, hopefully you think the same.

  • @dunlix MongoDB Compass is also available unter MacOS. I use it often but yea. It's very useful. 🙂

    MongoDB compass

    I also was looking for a phpmyadmin equivalent for MongoDB so that I can connect to my db's via web. Is there any software available?

  • @dogs not sure with the little database experience I have (like none). My best bet would be to google around, and I’m sure Compass would work on Linux with WINE but I haven’t tried. I know you can edit the database directly through command-line but I defined don’t have the knowledge for this.

  • @dogs
    mongo-gui seems quite nice, though not that feature rich - you essentially get the ability to view, search and add/edit documents (including importing from files), but nothing more advanced like indexing, schema analysis, explain plans, aggregation pipelines etc.
    The UI is quite clearly based on Compass, but it's a positive honestly 🙂 Though it doesn't seem to be responsive at all, so it's not great on phones.

    mongo-express has a couple more features, like creating/removing indexes, GridFS support, media preview, some statistics or exporting collections, but the UI is just the most basic Bootstrap 3 UI possible. It is somewhat responsive tho - at least to the point that it's still usable on a phone.

    adminMongo would IMO be the best one - with most of the important features of mongo-express (without GridFS and media preview, but with user management which seems more useful tbh) and actually quite nice (and responsive!) UI. There is a problem though - it's no longer maintained. It works, even with NodeJS 14, but npm will warn you about some dependencies being deprecated when you're installing it... And who knows how long until it breaks. There may be some fork that is maintained, but I haven't bothered looking - I'm sticking to Compass for my GUI needs anyway 🙂

    There is also Mongoku, but I also don't think it's maintained and from my quick testing it seems to be even a bit more limited than mongo-gui (possibly has better GUI for queries, but that's all). The UI is kinda nice tho - but also not responsive.

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