• Plugin & Theme Dev

    Poll plugin updated to 0.2.6:

    • Some fixes
  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Poll plugin updated to 0.2.9:

    • Changed datetimepicker to flatpickr
  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Awesome work as always @Schamper ! Assuming this works on iOS too? I remember that was the reason why input[type="date"] wasn't workable 😦

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @julian You remember more than me 😛 I think it was just because input[type="date"] was poorly supported at the time (pretty sure it still is) among browsers in general.

  • Has this been tested on 1.5.1?

  • @teh_g - I can confirm it works on 1.5.1.

    @Schamper - I would really love for there to be a way for a user to change his/her vote. That's the only major complaint I've heard from my users. Apologies if that already exists and I'm just missing something.

  • Hello, I've got a question..

    The polls are only for logged in users, i mean only logged in users can vote on polls? Am I Right?


  • GNU/Linux Admin

    I think it would be too easy to game the polls if just anybody could vote in them...

  • Sure, you're right, but I need some public voting, maybe it's easy to let every User just vote once per ip... cookie... so it's not possible for now?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @jasper007 I don't think the current design allows for that, but feel free to create a pull request.

  • GNU/Linux

    Duno if this is still supported by the developer of this plugin, but I found a bug Which I will also report on github, When copying permissions from a category it duplicate Create POLL #privileges > div > table:nth-child(2) > thead > tr:nth-child(3) > th:nth-child(17)

    PS Bug is duplicated on EVERY category.

    Looks like this:
    0_1501202816023_Screenshot from 2017-07-27 17-45-37.png

    Quick fix, is when you get done with creating your forum categories etc when there is header duplicates just disable the poll, restart forum then re-enable poll plugin and restart and it fixes the issue.

  • State of progress for the anonymous voting? 🙂

  • Gamers

    @martec Guys! is this poll plugin working with node bb 1.9 latest version?

    I would like to use this other users are demanding this as a very cool feature

  • Gamers

    Amazing plugin guys ! awesome work.... @Schamper

  • GNU/Linux

    Corrected russian translate for you ❤
    I'm wait for update ☝

      "poll": "Голосование",
      "toggles": "Настройка",
      "allow_guests": "Разрешить гостям просматривать результаты голосования",
      "limits": "Ограничения",
      "max_options": "Максимальное количество вариантов в голосовании",
      "defaults": "значение по умолчанию",
      "default_title": "По умолчанию",
      "max_votes": "Максимальное количество голосов на опросе",
      "info_choices": "Число, большее 1 позволит создать несколько вариантов.",
      "settings": "Настройки",
      "save": "Сохранить",
      "reset": "Сброс",
      "creator_title": "Создать голосование",
      "poll_title": "Название",
      "poll_title_placeholder": "Введите заголовок",
      "options_title": "Вариант",
      "options_add": "Добавить вариант",
      "max_votes_placeholder": "Введите количество",
      "auto_end_title": "Автоматически закончить голосование",
      "auto_end_placeholder": "Нажмите, чтобы введите дату и время",
      "auto_end_help": "Оставляя это поле пустым, голосование будет вечным.",
      "error.max_options": "Ты можешь создать только %d вариантов.",
      "error.no_options": "Создайте хотя бы один вариант.",
      "error.valid_date": "Введите правильную дату.",
      "error.not_main": "Вы можете создать голосование только в главном посте.",
      "error.privilege.create": "Вам не разрешено создавать опросы",
      "warning.redactor": "Вы используете редактор. Впишите <strong> текст </strong>, чтобы изменить разметку. Или заново откройте создание голосования.",
      "vote": "Голосовать",
      "to_voting": "Голосование",
      "to_results": "Результаты",
      "voting_unavailable_title": "Голосование недоступно",
      "voting_unavailable_message": "Это голосование закончено или было помечено как удаленное. Вы все еще можете смотреть результаты.",
      "vote_count": "пользователей проголосовали за этот вариант",
      "votes": "голосов"

  • Hello, I would like to insert a pie chart with charts.js, just searching for some hook or data aray in the files... any idea how to realize that... would be a great feature... @Schamper

  • Gamers

    @jasper007 amazing idea about pie chart, r u going to add it in polls results to show results visually?

  • @jasper007 @faizanzahid,

    @Shamper is offline since a year. He won't be developing this anymore.

  • @Tom_Rade oh nuuu, but thank you for the info...

  • @faizanzahid yep that was the plan 😬

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