• Hello! How to report flag about spam from someone user in private message? Spamers send to all user spam messages, how users can report this for admin or moderators?

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    @maiseu Good point. I have oft given thought to the potential for abuse via this vector. Have relied on members/helpers to alert mods/admins in a timely manner via either chat/pm or maybe even a post alerting the community at large. My stuff is mostly hole in the wall and mayhaps I've been lucky. But with all the cyber warfare/terrorism endeavoring to exploit/leverage social medial platforms of all stripes and sizes I am about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rockin' chairs and know it is only a matter of time.

    Be all that as it may, I am unsure what can additionally be done beyond the above: cuz anything will result in need for timely intervention by mods and/or admins while also potentially opening up yet another vector for abuse: war game flagging amongst community members against others they may disagree with. Sticky wickets.

    Relatedly, there is the "Spam Be Gone" plugin, or some such name, that facilitates incorporating the Stop Forum Spam project api keys. Recommended by /me. And free. Yippie yi-yo kiyah!!

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    One thought occurs to me belatedly: Maybe have a knob in the ACP that allows limits to be set on the number of "participants" to be added to group chats, w/exceptions for administrators and/or moderators. Not going to foil dedicated asshats but maybe at least raise the bar enough such that the first wave or two of victims have an opportunity to report/flag before they can assault the community at large. IOW, make them break into "bite sized chunks" that admins/members have some chance to spit out.

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    Talking to myself here but ... yet more ponderings...

    NodeBB chat/pm seems to target the expected use case of users chatting actively whilst online, while making provisions for messaging and notification should they not. Yes, you can set preferences to also be notified via email, but those messages are still stored on server. Hence admins, law enforcement, etc. have potential to investigate should some whack job stalker join up and end up physically harming another member. I don't joke. It has happened. Fortunately not to me.

    Contrast that with some boards that don't do real time chat in favor of piping message thru an email system for delivery. I am guessing to conserve on bandwidth and storage resources. This seems like a much greater potential for abuse by forum spammers cuz now they can blast entire forum populations w/o any push back until folks start checking email. Email has become essentially unusable for many such that they never check it unless they are expecting something. Like a confirmation or password reset.

    Hence, it is pretty groovy that the nodebb devs were smarter than that. 😉

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