• Swedes

    I also tried to use the helper function notAllowed, but I get the same result. Redirects to /login but get errors in the log that data is undefined and there is no catch().

    library.checkLoginStatus = async (data) => {
    	if (data.req.loggedIn ||
    	) {
    		return data;
    	return Helpers.notAllowed(data.req, data.res);
  • NodeBB

    Maybe 'response:router.page' is better then, it won't call next if you already do a redirect in it.


  • Swedes

    @baris That's it. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • Hello @baris and @magnusvhendin

    I would like to update my module nodebb-plugin-private-forum that should do exactly what you are trying to archive.
    But it seems it is not working well with v1.16.2 and I need some help on the Hook declaration.

    I understand that I need to use response:router.page, but how exactly?
    Is this ok for you?


      "id": "nodebb-plugin-private-forum",
      "url": "https://github.com/LM1LC3N7/nodebb-plugin-private-forum",
      "library": "./library.js",
      "hooks": [{
        "hook": "response:router.page", "method": "init"


    'use strict';
    const plugin = {};
    var winston = module.parent.require('winston');
    const helpers = require.main.require('./src/controllers/helpers');
    plugin.init = async (data) => {
            const allowedPages = /\/(assets\/|login|register|reset|plugins\/).*|.*(.css|.js)$/;
            winston.verbose("[plugin-nodebb-private-forum] Checking URL ("+ req.url +"), redirection.");
            # Allow only few pages or logged in users
            if (data.req.loggedIn || allowedPages.test(req.url)) {
                    return data;
            # else redirect to /login.
            winston.verbose("[plugin-nodebb-private-forum] User is NOT logged or URL is NOT allowed.");
            return Helpers.notAllowed(data.req, data.res);
    module.exports = plugin;

    I can't see any of the debug log messages containing accessed URL

  • NodeBB

    Trying logging with winston.info, verbose only shows up in dev mode or when you start with --verbose I believe.

  • @baris After a rebuild, reset module and activate again, still nothing.
    I have manually changed the package.json version number but the old version still appears. An idea why? My updates are maybe never used?

  • NodeBB

    Maker sure your plugin is linked into node_modules. If it's not your changes won't show up.

  • @baris infact I have installed the old version and I update the installed module directly (in node_modules folder).

    I rebuild and restart nodebb, but the plugin version is still the old one.

    Does my plugin file code looks ok to you?

  • NodeBB

    Javascript comments start with // or /* comment */. During startup if there is an error in a plugin it is not loaded. Check the startup messages.

  • @baris My god, it's not good to work with bash and javascript at the same time (thank you btw) 😇

    My "old" code is still working well without depreciation warning, thanks for your answers 🙂

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