Composer Formatting Options Not Working On New Post/Topic

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just started using NodeBB, it is the best solution for our purposes.

    I am having problems with the default composer plugin formatting options working. When editing the topic, the formatting option buttons work fine. However, when I try the formatting options on a new post/topic it does nothing. The text can not be formatted.

    Any ideas? How can I fix this? I have tried rebuilding and restarting from the command line and also deactivating, uninstalling, reinstalling and reactivating from the ACP,

    All the Best.


  • Global Moderator

    @daftcyborg can you reproduce the issues here? Please share your versions:

    • NodeBB
    • NodeJS
    • npm
    • database
    • plugin

  • I am using

    NodeBB v 1.13.2
    NodeJS v13.14.0
    npm v. 6.14.4
    mongod v.4.2.12
    nodebb-plugin-composer-default v6.3.57

    The bug is the composer formatting options like bold or italic doesn't work when posting a new topic for the first time. However, when editing the post after it's been posted, the formatting options work.

    Do I need to upgrade NodeBB to the latest to fix this bug? Is there a simpler fix? I have tried restarting, rebuilding and reloading the site.cropped_composer_not_working.png

  • Global Moderator

    @daftcyborg I'd certainly recommend you update to the latest version of NodeBB and to Node.js 14.

  • Community Rep

    @daftcyborg As a data point, I am still on nodebb 12.2 and nodejs 12.x and do not have this issue.

    Which is not to say you should not follow the advice above and update/grade. ✌

  • Upgrading solved it. Thank you very much.

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