Pin topic - Returns 403 Forbidden for Global Moderators

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    I'm having some trouble with my NodeBB 1.16.1 forum. Usually, users who are members of the Global Moderators group are able to pin posts in any category. However, this has stopped working after our upgrade to v1.15.5 (and remained broken after upgrading to v1.16.1).

    When a member of this group tries to pin a message, they receive a 403 Forbidden with the following payload:

      "status": {
        "code": "forbidden",
        "message": "[[error:no-privileges]]"
      "response": {}

    If I grant the "Moderate" permission to any of the users in the Global Moderators group on any category, they are able to pin topics in the granted category. I can do this from the Privileges page or by adding the user to the "Admins and Moderators" page. However, these users are still unable to pin topics in any other categories despite their Global Moderator membership.

    Members of the administrators group are able to pin topics in all categories. Members of the Global Moderator group are able to delete, move, and lock topics as expected. It seems the only affected functionality is pinning topics.

    I'm running NodeBB behind an nginx reverse proxy, which is proxied again by Cloudflare.

    There does not appear to be anything in the output.log of the running NodeBB when this error occurs.

    Is there some more logging that I could enable to try to see the problem in more detail? Or should I be posting this as a bug report instead of a support request?

    • NodeBB version: v1.16.1
    • NodeBB git hash: d7044a5e8623ae6b95360ff58e8f6dbc0e90629b
    • NodeJS version: v12.20.1
      <!-- (to find your git hash, execute git rev-parse HEAD from the main NodeBB directory) -->
    • Installed NodeBB Plugins:
    Active plugins:
    	* nodebb-plugin-composer-default@6.5.5 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-dbsearch@4.1.2 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-email-blacklist@1.1.0 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-emailer-mailgun (not installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-emoji@3.3.0 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-android@2.0.0 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended@1.1.1 (installed, disabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-emoji-one@2.0.0 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-import (not installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-import-mybb (not installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-markdown@8.12.4 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-mentions@2.13.6 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-newsletter (not installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-question-and-answer@0.8.5 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-recent-cards (not installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default@1.0.0 (installed, disabled)
    	* nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone@0.7.7 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-rewards-essentials@0.1.4 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-theme-lavender@5.0.17 (installed, disabled)
    	* nodebb-theme-persona@10.3.17 (installed, enabled)
    	* nodebb-theme-slick@1.3.7 (installed, disabled)
    	* nodebb-theme-vanilla@11.3.10 (installed, disabled)
    	* nodebb-widget-essentials@5.0.2 (installed, enabled)
    • Database type: redis
    • Database version: Redis server v=5.0.7 sha=00000000:0 malloc=jemalloc-5.2.1 bits=64 build=636cde3b5c7a3923
  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    I can confirm this issue. Please open a bug report on GitHub.

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