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  • I have old joomla+kunena website that i would like to separate (site form forum) and move to other systems. Joomla is fine and it will probably stay as CMS but i would like to modernize forum and move it from Kunena to NodeBB.
    I Googled for import plugins but all i can find are old 5+ years plugins with no updates. I did not test them but i really really doubt that they are working as i can see NodeBB moved forward so much in that time frame (BTW congrats on your current release's wonderful too see things moving so fast).
    Anyway, is there any import program / plugin / advice you can give me or should i go and program some python program myself to switch data from Kunena to NodeBB?

  • @sosojni I assume you've seen this? It's been updated pretty recently. It doesn't need to be completely up to date, because NodeBB can just upgrade the outdated schema after the import.

    You'd need to write your own exporter, there are some instructions in there.

  • I'm late to replay, we had rough start of year in my country (earthquakes and stuff) so i was preoccupied with offline duties.
    Anyway, yes i saw it but not being updated in some closer date time i did not give it much thoughts and i discarded it quiet fast. Thanks on your message, i will take a look at it and see if i can build exporter for my current forum.

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