Anyone else own a raspberry pi?i

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  • I got one free through work last year, model b, came with a branded case made of build it yourself parts. I had it plugged into my bedroom tv for months running xbmc. Surprise surprise, the other half broke it last month and I've been without since (the pi, not the other half). Seems a common problem with dropping these is the sd card slot snaps clean off.

    I've just seen an amazing web interface on github called chorus, which I want to test. So I'm in the process of trying to repair the sd slot with an old bank card and some super glue. For anyone in the uk, I feel like Neil Buchanan.

    TL;DR, Anyone got a pi, what you using it for? Etc.

  • Don't have one, but thought about getting one to serve as a light switch alarm clock interface.

    Basically, I wanted to turn my lights on when my sleep tracking app told me to wake up, and it seemed like the cheapest solution.

  • I run RaspBMC on mine and pipe movies to it over NFS on my network. Whole setup works like a charm. Low power but nice 1080p performance. I did run RetroPie on it for awhile. I recommend supporting that project if you like 8-bit and 16-bit videogames.

  • @a_5mith I "cut the cord" recently, and am looking for ways to really take advantage of my TV antenna. Saving $1000 a year was a good start...

    USB tuner card with a Raspberry Pi running MythTV, perhaps

  • @julian

    How about Chromecast or Roku+Plex? Or if you know someone with cable that's willing to help you out with Slingbox...

  • Not yet but it's on my projects list. I used to be a hardcore screwer around of things electronic/computers/whatever. Just not enough time in the day. pi though is interesting and I love how little space it takes up compared to other projects in the past. Once I finish my move to the new house this spring/summer I'll probably order a kit to screw around with.

    I'd do it for the 8/16 bit gaming and let my daughter play some retro coolness.

  • I have one and use it for Openelec, it serves all my local content. I haven't used it in a while as I have a chromecast now and have been using that for netflix.

  • @Kamal-Patel Slingbox... ugh, don't get me started. My brother bought one for my to set up locally so he can watch TV in HK. I've had nothing but trouble, since I don't use Windows.

    Internet or power goes out? gg, now you have to spend an hour setting up the Slingbox again.

    I'll look into Roku+Plex... whatever that is! 🙂 The reason I want to play around with MythTV is also so I can turn my HTPC into a DVR... but I don't want to pay for a tuner card 😢

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