Knowledgebase plugin: Script error

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  • Hello everybody!

    i'm currently trying to install the plugin "nodebb-plugin-knowledge-base" for our internal wiki and test if the plugin might be interesting for us.

    After the installation unfortunately the following problem occurs:
    When I want to configure the plugin in the admin area under "PLUGINS" --> "Knowledge Base", it seems to read. But the loading circle on the right side does not stop turning.


    The Google Chrome console displays the following:


    What is the problem here?

    @julian can you help me? As far as I know you have developed the plugin, right?

  • @jrlinux Hmm, have you run ./nodebb build after enabling the plugin?

  • @julian not directly after enabling. I have now tried ./nodebb build. Still returns script error in Google Chrome 😕

    I think I installed the plugin correctly.



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