How to image carousel based on user uploads?

  • I would like to have a widget that can be placed at the top of the forum homepage which is an image carousel based on images uploaded by users.

    Option #1: Ideally the image source would be for e.g the first image posted in the last 10 topics of a specific forum (like for example a Gallery "show your artworks" kind of forum). The images of the carousel would then link to the source topic.

    Option #2: Alternatively users could somehow upload directly to that image carousel.

    How can that be achieved? Someone maybe has a code snippet to do that?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    @greyteapot I think this could be pretty cool. Let it function as present carousel, just filter on last X images (e.g. twenty) rather than posts?

    Difficult to adapt? I am not a nodejs dev head. But.. nevertheless, it could be cool, so a +1 from me. 👍

  • @gotwf you're right. After posting I realized the carousel at the top of the forum almost does what I want, just the images are missing and it has to be limited to a specific forum as input.

  • @greyteapot You can drop that widget into different boxes, iirc. Mayhaps worth exploration 🤔

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