a question about syntax of benchpressjs

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  • I have a question about benchpressjs: say, I have an array, I want to skip the output for the first and second item in the array, here is my code:

                        *{{{ each localNews.topics }}}
                        {{{ if @index !="0" }}}
                        {{{ if @index !="1" }}}
                        {{{ end }}}
                        {{{ end }}}
                        {{{ end }}}*

    but the code is not working, any ideas or suggestion? thanks in advance

  • We don't have any built in conditional support. There's the @first helper which works for when you only want to check if @index == 0. To do this, I'd suggest adding a helper for whatever condition you need.

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    @yariplus said in Noob Plugin question: Alterin error message on filter hook.:

    Yep, you can use this function here the same way.


    Just declare it at the global scope so that your hook can see it.

    Thank you very much @yariplus ; I achieved what i needed thanks to your help.

    I was able to see my custom page with my custom messages like you pointed out.

    Then, because i only wanted to change the message displayed on the 403 error regarding the logic on my plugin i was able to change it to using another method; only if it could help anyone else, i just imported the helpers module and called the function notAllowed with my custom message:

    var helpers = require.main.require('./src/controllers/helpers'); // filter:topic.build tagsTitle.topicBuild = function (data, callback) { if (data.templateData.privileges.errorMessage) { helpers.notAllowed(data.req,data.res, data.templateData.privileges.errorMessage); }else{ callback(null, data); } };

    Thanks again. I learned a lot of basic stuff just trying your suggestions.

    Kind regards.

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    The reason for this is becuase whenever a user is already logged in and tries to connect via SSO and that he is registered in that 3rd party with a different email address, NodeBB will create a new user.

    I can see that I need to add a check under the OAuth.login function but not sure how to check if there's currently a logged in session for this user.

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    Thanks 🙂

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    Thanks! It is the right step toward allowing for images being saved on the server vs imgur. That's why I am using it among other reasons as well. 😛