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    Title says it all.

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    I know that @scottalanmiller is running a relatively high traffic forum on nodebb.

    A lot depends on various factors like if you're running a CDN, what plugins you're running, and any other processes running on the node.

    On my setup, I was running a cluster of three, with a gocamo server, along with redis (for session storage) and mongo, along with (at the time) mysql.

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    Here are the stats for this forum.

    3848 users
    3628 topics
    28458 posts

    139.12M redis memory usage

    This includes the session store as well.

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    Hey there! Love nodebb and the awesome potential of using it as my forum solution.

    However, I have been noticing something odd? Whenever I try to click on a hyperlink, sometimes it appears the link doesn't work. It's not broken and doesn't lead to a 404. Rather, I click it and it does the same behavior if I clicked a link that was linked to an empty anchor of some kind. eg:

    <a href="#">A link</a>

    Wish I could show this behavior; it's difficult to describe. The link works if I right-click it and open it in a new tab or window. It's happened in the past while perusing this forum and it happened just now again when I tried to click on "Google analytics code not installed" in the unread list of topics.

    My specs: Google Chrome Version 39.0.2171.65 m on Windows 8.1

    EDIT: The same topic is back in my unread list/page and the same behavior is happening. Trying to click it but the link is 'lame' and won't work. Only right-clicking and opening in a new tab allows me to access it.