/{route}?params=values get cleaned immediately, where is that happening and why?

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    @julian said in [RFC] Change to the quick-reply `toPid` value?:

    While it is true that you can know at-a-glance whether a post has replies, I'd want to know what specific value it provides to you as an end user, besides the tautological one (i.e. it provides value when showing a post has replies, because it shows it has replies).

    For me one of the primary values of that information is found in picking up the thread of a conversation between two or more users. Traditionally forums have only had back-links, and the only way to read a conversation was to start at the very end and follow the reply-links through to the beginning, perhaps opening each post in a new tab so they could then be read sequentially once you find the beginning. The replies dropdown allows me to start at the beginning and follow the conversation as it bobs and weaves randomly through the thread.

    The broader point is consistency of expectation. If users aren't reading each post of the thread and they want to do what I just described, they could train themselves to <first check to see if there is a replies dropdown; if not, check to see if the next post is a reply; if both of these conditions fail then I am at the end of the conversation>. But more consistency makes it easier to accomplish this use case, as well as the simpler use case of gaining information about whether a post has received replies.

    (Just my $0.02. I am coming from long-form discussion forums where it can be hard to follow a conversation from post to post, where users generally do not read each post in a thread, and where time zone differences tend to place gaps between responses.)

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    Yes, it is this plugin : https://github.com/nodebb/nodebb-plugin-global-chat

    Some night, tongues are loosened, and it seems to be interesting to keep a "short history" (such as 24h) of the global chat.

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    It is in the root folder of your installation in a file called config.json.

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    @pitaj said:

    you could just add some JavaScript to parse it client side.

    That is more than likely what I'll have to do for now until this can passed globally. Thanks @pitaj

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    Our upstream provider has notified us that there may be short periods of latency or packet loss associated with some preventative maintenance regarding servers in the NYC2 data center. This should not unduly affect any hosted NodeBBs, although we will be monitoring them during the affected periods for potential problems.

    START: 04-15-2014 20:00 EDT (UTC-4)
    END: 04-15-2014 23:59 EDT (UTC-4)

    We will be doing some preventative maintenance with our internet providers.

    Expected Impact:

    We are expecting no impact but there may be short periods (1-3 minutes) of latency or packet loss as traffic is rerouted to available providers.

    Approximately 30 minutes prior to starting any work, we will post and update on progress on the www.digitaloceanstatus.com website.