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    If you are going to store a lot of stuff I would use ./src/cacheCreate to create my own, ./src/cache is for a few stuff that never changes like the list of categories etc. If you put a lot of your own stuff in there like urls for link-previews it will negatively effect the performance. For stuff like that just create your own lru cache.

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    I would like to make my NodeBB forum to write a cookie when the

    I found the function that is executed when user is logged in successfully: authenticationController.onSuccessfulLogin.

    How to make this function also to write a cookie?

    I tried to guess, but it did not work:

    req.cookie('loggedin', '1'); res.cookie('loggedin', '1');

    Also I would like this cookie to be removed when the user is not logged in.

    I need this cookie in order to make another layer of caching (for non-logged in users) using Nginx and to test how it will work.

    Is it possible this to be made by a plugin?

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    What does node app --upgrade net you?

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    As of date is it the only option available? shared hosting still not possible?

    Not unless the shared hosting provider gives you some command line access and will let you install nodejs, and run several npm commands. Plus they have to have MongoDB or Redis access for database. 😛 Most shared hosting providers don't have the software necessary for running nodebb, and they won't let you install it.