• It looks as if this used to be a feature but possibly was removed? And I am having a hard time finding it now if it still exists. It doesn't appear in the API.

    I am currently evaluating solutions like forem.dev where each topic is treated more as a blog post and rather than categories, they have "tags". I like these aspects, but I also love that this is NodeBB and I feel fairly confident I can develop for this platform, where Forem is a ruby rails app.

    I'm wondering with theming how close NodeBB could emulate forem.dev. I suspect it would not be difficult.

    If thumbnails do not exist, can a plug-in augment api data? And if so, would anyone suggest a plug-in to look to for inspiration?

  • NodeBB

    They work on persona, just need to enable from the ACP.

  • Community Rep

    @baris Where exactly does the user create/upload the topic thumbnail once it has been turned on in the ACP?

  • @omega
    For me it's here. Once you click on that icon you can load your thumbnail.

    Capture d’écran 2021-06-08 213450.jpg

  • Community Rep

    @taloche Makes sense, I see nothing. Time to investigate.

    EDIT: Oh... I did a rebuild. It's there now!

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