• Hi all, we're looking for quotes from a plugin developer.
    Happy to write up a full brief/tech specs for the chosen party.
    This is paid work.

    We're looking for a plugin to be able to append content onto users posts and display that inline in the page. The content will be 1 of up to 10 options, not unique content each time.

    IE: Admins want to be able to apply a tag/button click/something to a post which will show a div at the top/bottom of it.

    We need the content added onto the post to be updateable.
    IE we need "type A" to display "AAAAAA" on a post. But if we change it on the backend to "BBBBBB" we need all the pre existing posts marked as "type A" to show the new div.

    And we will need this to apply to both posts and replies.

    Contact me at tim [at] [timothyhanslow] [com] [au] and include your rates, any estimates, questions and links to your previous work, github etc.
    I'll review all applications, but if we don't get back to you it means we've hired someone else.
    We're looking to build and launch in the next month.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    Have you contacted [email protected] ?

  • I have now. 🙂

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