Choose to install npm packages at startup on Docker.

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  • On docker image, we might choose wich npm packages (plugins, themes, etc) we want to install during the first build (by environment variable for instance).
    It would prevent restore issues when theme or plugins are not present on the new container and would speed up deployment time of docker containers for upgrades and restore.

    For example: I prepared the backup of my database, and I mounted the /uploads volumes and the config.json file but my docker container fails because it can't find the themes and displays errors for missing plugins.
    But if upstream, I tell the docker container to install the right npm packages associated on my nodebb database, my nodebb forum is restored immediately.

  • Are you referring to our Dockerfile?

    Again, I should preface that we are unfamiliar with Docker as we do not use it ourselves. We maintain the Dockerfile purely as a service to our users who want to use Docker 🙂

    I don't think it is possible to specify plugins in the Dockerfile or image simply because each separate instance contains their own plugins and so on. What one site wants is not what another site would want installed.

  • Yes I'm referring to the Dockerfile. I'm no expert with Docker either, but I must admit that it's extremely handy for creating forums on the fly with different versions at the same time, and saves a lot of time.

    If you're not focused on this tool I completely understand and appreciate you already providing up-to-date docker images, so I'll try to see what I can do myself and share it if it works well. This is possible by manually modifying the dockerfile but I think it's also possible in a more elegant way and easy to use, with env variables 😉

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