After rebooting my hostagator server i get following error

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  • Error when insert image

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    A connection error usually means there is a server side error, can you check the logs/output.log when uploading an image in the composer.

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    Net stop:

    net stop MongoDB The MongoDB Server (MongoDB) service is stopping. The MongoDB Server (MongoDB) service was stopped successfully.

    Net start:

    C:\WINDOWS\system32>net start MongoDB The MongoDB Server (MongoDB) service is starting.. The MongoDB Server (MongoDB) service was started successfully.
  • Nodebb Error

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    @Nicolas-0 said in Nodebb Error:

    HI, I have error to install nodebb in debian:

    16/1 22:29:48 [20173] - error: [build] client side styles build failed
    16/1 22:29:48 [20173] - error: [build] Encountered error during build step: Inline JavaScript is not enabled. Is it set in your options?
    16/1 22:29:48 [20173] - error: message=Inline JavaScript is not enabled. Is it set in your options?, stack=undefined, type=Syntax, filename=/root/forum/nodebb/node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona/less/bootstrap/buttons.less, index=1134, line=51, column=4, callLine=NaN, callExtract=undefined, extract=[ pointer-events: none; // Future-proof disabling of clicks, .opacity(.65);, .box-shadow(none);]

    This is because less 3.x apparently does not support inline javascript.

    You probably ran "npm audit" which threw out four less vulnerabilities and prompted you to update less to fix them, which broke the client side styles build step of NodeBB.

    Fix it by downgrading less to the supported version by running "npm install [email protected]".

    That should cause the next ./nodebb build to process correctly.

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    Re: How To: Piwik and NodeBB

    I tried to use the code mentioned in this topic, but am getting an error in console. Webpage where I added the code is:

    _paq.push() was used but Piwik tracker was not initialized before the piwik.js file was loaded. Make sure to configure the tracker via _paq.push before loading piwik.js. Alternatively, you can create a tracker via Piwik.addTracker() manually and then use _paq.push but it may not fully work as tracker methods may not be executed in the correct order. ["setCustomUrl", ""]

    Can anybody help me come out of this?

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    Oh, I found out there is a route: /api/config 😉
    Pretty straight forward...