Disable one plugin? New, for v0.5.0

NodeBB Development
  • Prior to today, if you installed a broken plugin, this was the solution:

    In short: ./nodebb reset plugins

    New to v0.5.0, however, will be the ability to reset just one plugin at a time, using this format:

    $ ./nodebb reset plugin="nodebb-plugin-brokenplugin"

    The existing implementation will continue to work, as will ./nodebb reset all.

    Edit: Dat syntax highlighting....

  • I was thinking about this, but in my head a different syntax - how about this?

    (for multiple at a time):

    ./nodebb disable nodebb-plugin-brokenplugin nodebb-plugin-julians-plugin nodebb-theme-baris-theme

    (because none of my plugins ever break :D)

    EDIT: nvm, looks like you did it already 😛

  • Haha yeah, ./nodebb reset plugin="pluginname" is already in -- would prefer a nicer syntax, so maybe we can introduce the ./nodebb disable command. Unsure atm.

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