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    @crazycells of course you can also add the "updated post" to the top of the post as well, and keep the original/ old post below ...

  • Login error

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    @ushi said in Login error:

    When I try to log in, I get such an error message
    "Login failed
    We are unable to connect you to the system, as it has been too long. please try again."
    What to do?

    I'll explain what the problem is,
    Apparently the forum server is too slow and did not load the ssl certificate.
    So you need to change the "http: //" in the url "https: //" and then try to connect again ... (I also translate from Hebrew, maybe you should add a category in Hebrew ...)

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    I have deployed NodeBB via Windows IIS (IIS Node), and I have met the same problem, how can I hot fix this issue.

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    @louisemcmahon something like this can work okay:

    Have two git remotes: origin and fork

    git remote rm origin git remote add origin git remote add fork

    Then you can used these named remotes for updating / pushing like so:

    # pull and merge latest changes from NodeBB git pull origin # push latest changes to your repo git push fork

    That will make updating things easier.

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    Hey Baris,

    tried to update still same version. Got some special command for me?