show new post after submit no longer works

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  • our site was upgraded to fix a problem with image uploads, which is now fixed, but a few of us are experiencing problems after new posts/replies are made... the new post is no longer shown even tho the checkbox in profile is on

    refresh the page, and the post is there, BUT try new reply and the prior post content is still present in the new post edit box...

    also, notifications do not happen for this post..

    I am one of those users, and the problem follows my id, and that of a new id i just created.
    happens on all browsers, chrome, firefox, safari, mobile and desktop.

    I am not a site admin, so can't fix it myself. and I don't know how to tell what version we are running

    i will gladly provide my new id/pw for someone in support to examine the problem.

  • occasionally I see a notice just after submit 'looks like your connection to ... has been lost'

    i'm thinking it might be a webSocket connection problem

  • Are there any errors in the logs?

  • From your description I'd guess that some plugin is crashing the forum when parsing new posts.

    The forum is definitely on 1.13.2 or master (app.js has changes that were only made in 2020), so what I'd guess is that either:

    1. You were on 1.12 before the upgrade. There were a few breaking changes between 1.12 and 1.13 and a few plugins broke.
    2. You were upgrading from earlier 1.13 versions and a plugin relied on something that changed (perhaps a dependency? I don't think there were any breaking changes in 1.13.1 or 1.13.2).

    So what you'd need to do is find in logs if something breaks and restarts the forum. You can find logs in ACP under advanced>logs or on your server by calling ./nodebb log in nodebb folder

  • thanks all.. admin disabled a plugin which was trying to send a notification to another system (discord) as part of posting message to bb topic

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