Bulleted lists : can I get rid of them ?

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  • Hello,
    Here's a problem I've encountered on my forum : if people post a list and that list is used with another feature like if it's in a spoiler or if it's centered, it creates a bug that makes the topic crash (you can't reply anymore). The only solution is to delete the post. 😞
    I understand that it probably comes from a conflict between lists and the plugins I've installed in the redactor (spoiler, align, center etc).
    But I wonder : has anyone encountered the same issue ?
    And most importantly : is there a way to simply remove the list/bullets option ? (so that when you type a dash it doesn't turn into a bulleted list)

    Thanks in advance for your help !

  • It sounds like you're using both redactor and markdown -- I don't think those two plugins are meant to be used together?

  • @julian Thank you for your answer, and yes, that could be where the problem comes from.
    I have these plugins on : default composer, alignment, markdown, simple spoiler.

    PS. But I don't have the "redactor plugin" if by that you mean a wysiwyg editor.

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