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    won't matter what it looks like once fossil fuel dissapeared 🙂

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    @a_5mith said:

    Eventually the soreness stops and you miss it, feels like you didn't train hard enough.

    I hear that. Though I'm not quite at the 300lb mark yet 😆 Hit a plateau at 205/210, but going below parallel.

    Then again, if you've taken a break, I hear that SL is a great way to get back in the game vs. continuing on with your existing program. Once you hit that first plateau again, you go back into your old program.

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    Is there a way to set the default daily digest settings for all current users and any future registered users for the site? The default seems to be off but, I would like to change that to weekly if it is possible.


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    I've installed nodeBB and configured IIS8 with port 80 as proxy so I'm able to use
    forums.{page}.eu for the nodeBB board.

    The problem is, when I try to use the forum (e.g posting), this error appears: (it's in german)
    Firefox kann keine Verbindung zu dem Server unter ws://forums.{page}.eu/ aufbauen.
    -> Firefox was not able to connect to the server at ws://forums.....

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    Or NUX for short. Was thinking of a potential plugin for this at some point (ex, arrow pointing to register button). @trevor, I remember some initial version of convoe had some help tooltip that was pretty cool, it zoomed across the page and stuff and told you about the keyboard shortcuts, etc. What was this lib or was it custom?