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    I noticed a recommendation of running ./nodebb build which performed successfully. I then attempted to run setup again & now get error message

    ReplyError: CROSSSLOT Keys in request don't hash to the same slot
    at parseError

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    I see that I had to execute ./nodebb build in the container. I am guessing that it is because after removing the container, the build directory was gone and needed to be rebuilt, which tells me I have to put a build command on every container startup. This is not very optimal. I am hoping at some point in the future we can have a more hands-off docker-friendly deployment (like with env vars and all).

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    @pichalite said in v1.x.x installs mongodb 2.1.22 and requires 2.1.3:

    @exodo try the install without the ~

    npm i [email protected]

    that's the latest in that minor version.

    seems to work now after a few error commands ๐ŸŒ

    npm i [email protected] - > [email protected] install /var/foroexodo/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb/node_module s/kerberos > (node-gyp rebuild) || (exit 0) make: Entering directory `/var/foroexodo/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb/node_module s/kerberos/build' CXX(target) Release/ In file included from ../lib/ ../lib/kerberos.h:5:27: fatal error: gssapi/gssapi.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. make: *** [Release/] Error 1 make: Leaving directory `/var/foroexodo/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb/node_modules /kerberos/build' gyp ERR! build error gyp ERR! stack Error: `make` failed with exit code: 2 gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.onExit (/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_module s/node-gyp/lib/build.js:267:23) gyp ERR! stack at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:98:17) gyp ERR! stack at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (child_process.js:820: 12) gyp ERR! System Linux 3.5.0-54-generic gyp ERR! command "node" "/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/node-gyp/bin/nod e-gyp.js" "rebuild" gyp ERR! cwd /var/foroexodo/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb/node_modules/kerberos gyp ERR! node -v v0.10.37 gyp ERR! node-gyp -v v1.0.1 gyp ERR! not ok [email protected] node_modules/mongodb โ”œโ”€โ”€ [email protected] โ”œโ”€โ”€ [email protected] ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected] 1, [email protected]) โ”œโ”€โ”€ [email protected] ([email protected]) โ””โ”€โ”€ [email protected] ([email protected]) root@w1-exodo:/var/foroexodo/nodebb# npm ls mongodb [email protected] /var/foroexodo/nodebb โ””โ”€โ”€ [email protected] invalid npm ERR! invalid: [email protected] /var/foroexodo/nodebb/node_modules/mongodb npm ERR! not ok code 0 root@w1-exodo:/var/foroexodo/nodebb# npm install root@w1-exodo:/var/foroexodo/nodebb# ./nodebb upgrade 1. Bringing base dependencies up to date... OK 2. Checking installed plugins for updates... OK 3. Updating NodeBB data store schema... 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [database] Checking database indices. 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: Beginning database schema update 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2015/12/15] Chats upgrade skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2015/12/23] Chats room hashes upgrade skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2015/12/23] Adding theme to active plugins sorted set skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/01/14] Creating user best post sorted sets skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/01/20] Creating users:notvalidated skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/01/23] Creating Global moderators group skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/02/25] Social: Post Sharing skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/04/14] Group title from settings to user profile skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/04/19] Users post count per tid skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/04/29] Dismiss flags from deleted topics skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/05/28] Giving topics:read privs to any group that was previously allowed to Find & Access Category - skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/06/13] Store upvotes/downvotes separately skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/07/12] Upload privileges skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [2016/08/05] Removing best posts with negative scores skipped! 15/8 11:14 [5763] - info: [upgrade] Schema already up to date! OK NodeBB Upgrade Complete! root@w1-exodo:/var/foroexodo/nodebb# npm ls redis [email protected] /var/foroexodo/nodebb โ”œโ”€โ”ฌ [email protected] โ”‚ โ””โ”€โ”ฌ [email protected] โ”‚ โ””โ”€โ”€ r[email protected] โ”œโ”€โ”€ [email protected] โ””โ”€โ”ฌ [email protected] โ””โ”€โ”€ [email protected] root@w1-exodo:/var/foroexodo/nodebb# npm ls mongodb [email protected] /var/foroexodo/nodebb โ””โ”€โ”€ [email protected]
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    @zero how about your webserver config or are you running NodeBB on Port 80?

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    Hello @theflickx!

    NodeBB is designed to work best under a virtual private server. Using a traditional hosting service is not recommended as they do not have the capabilities to power NodeBB effectively.

    The code and instructions can be found here at our project repository Full instructions can be found in our Documentation Portal We recommend DigitalOcean to host your NodeBB, you'll get a month free just by registering with this link. You can also try applying the 10TOSHIP coupon to get another two months free.

    Thank you for your interest in NodeBB!