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    What is your site URL, if you don't mind sharing.

    Add others have said, I recommend rebuilding and restarting your forum from the CLI:

    ./nodebb stop ./nodebb build ./nodebb start
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    problem solved
    Thanks to everyone who tried to help

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    @yariplus @JasperNL, alternatively you can use Kimsufi, which belongs to OVH to 100%. The only difference is that the systems there are dedicated ones and not virtual machines. I also use one of these for my download server, which works quite alright.

    About Redis:
    The database size itself will increase the same way as others. More data = bigger database. For more infos check this out:

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    @jimmerz213 said:

    So I just built a quick VM locally and followed the guides I mentioned above. Did nothing differently except I didn't install php and apache before and start ripping things out. It works flawlessly. I can only imagine at this point its something with my server and I think I may just wipe it and start clean, using nginx only instead of apache.

    Thanks for looking at this stuff guys - I appreciate it.

    Edit - welp, it works great now. Probably has this whole time. The URL I was using to hit the forums was set to be x.x.132.x, it had to be x.x.135.x. Hey, at least I learned a TON about nodebb and nginx 🙂 I'll take it.

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    Hi there. Im usualy not very active on forums or other things similar to forums. But just to make an example of a good business model for devs:

    From a marketing experts point of view:

    Make a plugin/theme everyone likes (Advertising) Make the plugin/theme free (Advertising) Tell them you can make plugins/themes for money (Advertising) Take jobs, make money (Income)

    As for a marketplace:

    make everything what is in the marketplace free pictures and descriptions of every plugin/theme Links to devs/contacts where you can order a personalized theme/plugin