Installing NodeBB on CPanel with SSH access

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    @someoneyoulike We have set up instances where the db is not on the same machine as the server (mostly for horizontal scaling purposes, etc.)

    We don't notice any real-world degradation of performance. MongoDB is plenty fast, it's almost never the database (or network connections to the db) that are the bottleneck.

    Unless your app server is in Toronto and your database is in Singapore... but then you have other problems 😄

  • Debug Nodebb load

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    @damian-gądziak Maybe you can try to debug by adding this in that function console.log(tids.length, uid, new Error('test').stack);

    Topics.filterWatchedTids = function (tids, uid, callback) { console.log(tids.length, uid, new Error('test').stack); async.waterfall([ function (next) { db.sortedSetScores('uid:' + uid + ':followed_tids', tids, next); }, function (scores, next) { tids = tids.filter(function (tid, index) { return tid && !!scores[index]; }); next(null, tids); }, ], callback); };

    I am guessing the function is called by a huge amount of tids, so the next step would be to find out why and from where.

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    Hi all, today I just installed a cloud version and I can't change files myself. Faced with the same problem. I've changed the theme back to Persona and now can open no frontend nigher backend. It forwards me to the nodebb website and shows this message:

    Service Unavailable
    We couldn't reach the website you were looking to access. It may be offline temporarily, please try again later.

    How can I deal with it? Thanks

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    That is quite bizarre 😦

    Unfortunately I do not have experience with Apache, so unless you want to try nginx (which I think is kind of overkill of a solution), you'll have to see if anyone else can help...

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    @nhl-pl sent me link to this topic. I've just tested 0.8.x branch: installation and starting up both went smooth and i could login, visit administration panel, etc...

    I followed steps described here:, just changed 0.7.x to 0.8.x in commands.

    I tested only Redis installation, no plugins yet or anything more specific yet - just visited page, looked around and logged in.

    update: uploading images to topic and as category image works ok too.

    Hope it helps :).