Link existing MySQL Database to NodeBB

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    Can you try upgrading to Node 18?

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    Looking for solutions for this problem I tried nodebb-plugin-session-sharing plugin, which is supposed to generate JWT token if I understand correctly, I didn't manage yet to generate it although I think I correctly configured it.

    Anyways, what I see in the cookie storage is cookie named express.sid which itself seems that it's not JWT cookie, but of some other kind, what I would want to know is it possible to decode that cookie on different subdoman of the same site, what I have is (where NodeBB is installed) and which is running Node.js application.

    I need a simplest solution I can get, I don't want to mess with SSO systems like FusionAuth of Keycloak, I want to use NodeBB's user registration system.

  • Set up NodeBB with AWS

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    Not AWS specific but maybe this is what you're looking for? Should be able to get you there.

    Hell's bells... No clue why that link a'la old school markdown syntax is broken. Try this:

    Ubuntu (Recommended) - NodeBB Documentation



  • Xenforo to NodeBB

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    It is taking me some time - mostly because I'm not familiar enough with NodeJS / NodeBB.

    Some observations:

    Took a while to get the ./nodebb setup routine to work - had to do it first for MongoDB and then for Redis and then combine the two files and restart (redis / mongodb nodejs files do not get installed on the npm install command).

    Then got stuck with launching multiple processes on reboot with systemd. Gave up on that and just used a crontab @ reboot line to run a shell script. Need to figure out how to restart / reload processes seamlessly.

    Found some issues with and spdy - did not investigate, disabled spdy on nginx.

    Found some issues with the 0.7.0 branch and upgraded to master 0.7.1 and found that much more stable. But these were plugin related - sections, adsense - dropped them both.

    Made the mistake of setting the production flag in the environment variable NODE_ENV. 🙂

    As of now, have a test site running persona, notifications plugins on a distributed setup - NFS / REDIS / MONGO DB on one server and a barebones NODEJS + NGINX/SSL on another.

    Seems stable for now on a test setup on will give it a day or two while I play around with the templates / plugins and watch memory usage, before I go through another effort to set the autoscale / loadbalancer up.

    @baris @julian @psychobunny - I really like what I see so far. Well done. If all goes well with the setup / eval, I will be dropping you guys an email to see if I can fund some development. 🙂