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    far fa-pencil-ruler is a paid icon (the solid version is free). Free parts of the regular pack work just fine - see https://fontawesome.com/v5/search?m=free&s=regular for a list of them. It's much more limited than the solid free pack though (151 icons vs 1001), so that's probably why you ran into this problem so easily.

    The only issue that you might run into if you're using a version before v2.2.0 is that fab class conflicts with another class in Persona theme turning all brand icons into action buttons, but this is resolved in current versions of Persona.

    If you have a paid version of FA5 it should be fairly simple to use it instead - you'd need to replace the FA files in public/vendor/fontawesome with the new ones, set fa-font-path to vendor/fontawesome/webfonts in _variables.less and import the light and duotone less files in src/meta/css.js.

    Also, I wanted to add that FA6 is slated to be added in NodeBB 3.0 (it's waiting until a major release since icon style being changed is possibly breaking) https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/pull/10701

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    @cagatay Fixed by @kurulumu-Net thank you.


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    @julian I want to post large number of topics at once on JSON format, and it will be frequently use under one user id.

    Does body-parser has the ability? and is it easy to modify api/v3/topics ?

    Many Thanks,

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    @plebivac Sadly some bad news --

    favicon.ico is largely deprecated but is still supported Browsers will actively use <link rel="icon"> if found, superceding favicon.ico, this is why the wrong favicon is seen in browser There is no way to specifically serve one icon for the browser and one icon for mobile devices, at least on Android. There is the apple-touch-icon, but in NodeBB, we just lump it along with the "home screen icon" setting.

    So I think you're going to want to just upload the same image to both fields 😕

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    I'm writing a bot that GETs a specific post from a category on my forum, and this category is only accessable by admins. Only problem is, GETting that post always returns a 401 Not Authorized response, because it's not open to users.

    I've tried using auth=(username, password), Authorization: Bearer, even sending it in the GET params, but they all just return 401.

    Any way of doing this?