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    I am trying to install nodebb on ubuntu 18.04 LTS server on google cloud. I'm following this documentation.
    Everything worked well. I created mongodb users successfully.
    But there is some ambiguity in documentation.

    Exit the Mongo Shell:

    > quit()

    I exited successfully. But I didn't understand from the following.

    Enable database authorization in the MongoDB configuration file /etc/mongod.conf by appending the following lines:

      authorization: enabled

    How do I do above? I guess few code lines are missing. What are code lines to enable security authorisation after I typed quit() and exited mongodb ??

    Thanks in advance.

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    To answer your question, you can use the nano command-line text editor to edit that file

    sudo nano /etc/mongod.conf

    If you don't know basic linux command line usage, you're going to have a hard time managing your server. I suggest you learn how to use linux first.

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    PitaJ is correct, that's a text file that you need to edit. The description that you wrote tells all of the details... the two lines given are to be appended to the end of that file. Means the same thing on Linux as it does on Windows or macOS: open a text editor and stick those on the bottom of that file.

    You'll need to restart MongoDB after you make that change for it to pick it up.

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