NodeBB Sendgrid Reply-by-email Integration

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  • I think there might be some steps/docs missing from the nodebb-plugin-emailer-sendgrid plugin.

    • What do I do with the settings in Settings > Email ? Just ignore them?
    • I'm using my primary domain with Gmail GSuite but I would also like to set up "Reply-by-email"
      • Basic instructions don't seem to work out of the box (there was no setup for DNS MX records on the SendGrid side)
      • Do I need to, or should I, use a subdomain for replies?


  • GNU/Linux

    If you've been sending emails via your G Suite account, then the SendGrid emailer plugin will override those settings. The selection is thusly:

    Emailer plugin -> Fallback (configured mailer in Settings/Email or local sendmail mailer)

    You probably cannot send emails via your G Suite and have replies handled via SendGrid.

  • So I'm not using G Suite to send emails for NodeBB

    Generally speaking, I use GSuite with the domain for Gmail and so forth but no integration with NodeBB.

    I would like to configure SendGrid for reply-by-email. There is an option to have a subdomain for replies. The big issue that I'm confused about is that SendGrid never asked for me to set up MX records.

  • This article on SendGrid is helpful. You do need to set up a separate MX record on a subdomain (or other domain) for inbound "parse" replies.

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