Reply button not working (all browsers): help

Technical Support
  • Hi, newly installed NodeBB forum at

    The reply button was working. But yesterday I installed about 15 plugins via npm...

    I didn't check in between installs what the effect was. It seems like something broke the reply button.

    However, I've now uninstalled all those plugins, and more, and the reply button is still broken.

    What can I do, please?

    Is there some nodebb cli command I can run to fix this?

    Worst case scenario: Can I reinstall nodebb and keep my mongodb database... just re-point it to the database after a fresh nodebb install?

  • Solved.

    Searched around the forum, found this thread.

    Composer plugin was disabled for some reason.

    Activated & rebuilt NodeBB.

    All working.

    😰 😅

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