Images in signatures and group badges

  • Hi!

    The group badge feature is a little bit broken on my forum as I have given many people the right groups - some of them get the badge, others (including myself, the owner, have not. I even tried rebuild & restart. It didn’t make a difference

    Note that some people got their badge, some did not. I confirmed that the users were indeed in the right group. There are not any settings I could toggle in my account settings that were related to my badge etc.

    The second question is about pictures in signatures - is it possible? I haven’t found much of a help with a quick google search...

    Waiting for an answer!

  • Global Moderator

    Selecting badges is done is the profile editor:


  • oh, thanks i found it, but what about images in signatures?

  • @KarlPro123 Yeah, just make sure you don't have them turned off in post settings and use markdown to add an image there: ![alt-text](image-url) (you can skip the alt-text obviously)

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