Petiko, the most customized NodeBB I've ever seen

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    Damn that looks amazing. At first I couldn't believe it was powered by NodeBB took me a while to believe it myself haha.

    They have a tags system as well in the works, and looks like they're building a storefront page as well. The home page apparently integrates with WordPress. I'm jealous! SO many cool stuff 🙂

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    @psychobunny Thanks!

    We thank you for this! Thank you very much.
    NodeBB is the bases of our MVP model.
    The home page was built manually for me. The WP was integrated in section articles using a API JSON. The tag system is a initial approach, on next days it will be changed to make it more simple.
    On the future we will launch some pieces as plugins. Right now we are working on change directly in core, because time is a limitant on a startup project.

    If anyone wants to talk about the changes, feel free to e-mail me or call me here in chat.

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    On the future we will launch some pieces as plugins.

    Definitely looking forward to this, I'm sure a few people around here wouldn't mind either! 😉

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