DBsearch & Spam plugin is not activating in v1.12.2

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  • I have v.1.12.2 version. When i activate nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone and nodebb-plugin-dbsearch and then restart my site, then it just keep spinning forever. Then i had to reset these 2 plugins.
    I am using mongodb for database and redis for session storage.

    1. What shall i do to get these 2 plugins working?
    2. How can i disable the right side section in Recent which shows who has replied?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @roy-miller

    Not sure about the first. Did you do a "nodebb update" prior to the restart?

    As for the second: ACP -> Settings -> Post. Set "Teaser" to suit.

    Good luck!

  • @gotwf I went to settings >post> Teaser option and i got 3 options, which does not help my situation. I want to remove that red circle section in the picture. Is it possible?

    As for my first question: i resolved it. I used ./nodebb upgrade command to resolve it.

  • @roy-miller

    Well, maybe you don't get precisely the option you prefer baked in but you may want to explore the alternatives, wh/at the least provide something rather than a blank "No one has replied". I favor the "Last - Show the latest post, including original post, if no replies" variant, wh/displays a leadin teaser snippet from the original post if no replies. Teaser is aptly named as provides a "taste" of what the thread may be about.

    Otherwise... I gots nothin' for ya.... Good luck!

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