Setting up Nodebb for CI/CD pipeline

  • Re: Set up NodeBB via environment variables

    Are there any more docs on this method of deployment? I was currently creating my own config.json file and then attempting to run the nodebb setup. This seems like a possibly easier way of doing it. Example from the above post would not typically be how I would set environment variables:

    # Minimum setup options
    $ database=redis node app --setup`

    I pass all my environment variables from a shell script during the deployment stage. The addition of 'node app --setup' here I believe is just running the setup script after the variables are set correct?

  • $ ./nodebb help setup
      Usage: setup [options] [config]
      Run the NodeBB setup script, or setup with an initial config
        -h, --help  output usage information

    You can provide a JSON object as the config parameter to that command.

  • @PitaJ OR it can read from environment variables?

    (Which is what is discussed in the link I gave above)

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