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  • Install Nodebb using AWS env

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    @Vishal-Grover if you're just using EC2, you can use the Ubuntu guide as it's the same. I'd recommend you don't use the AWS Linux build though - use the Ubuntu one.

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    @torn2 we officially support both but the default composer is default because the Markdown composer is a good low-resource (but high functionality) base composer for all NodeBBs.

    Not all communities want or appreciate a WYSIWYG composer.

    Also, I like Markdown 😁

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    The folder is probably named /home/nodebb/nodebb not /path/to/nodebb so try. cd /home/nodebb/nodebb to go to the installation directory. If that gives the same error you can list the contents of the /home/nodebb directory by the ls command and find out the real name of the nodebb installation directory.

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    I am a web developer, new to nodeBB.

    I am working on a web app where users can discuss a document (see the prototype here; I am in the process of simplifying the UX and planning for version 1). The UI looks like this:
    -- a main area shows the document,
    -- in other areas/windows/tabs, users can create topics to discuss parts of the document.

    Does it sound feasible with nodeBB? My main concern is not OAuth/SSO, but client-side display.

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    @lulzdevlol said:

    Hey thx for the update. its never too late. 🙂

    Before I forget you must restart NGINX and nodeBB so the changes take place, but I hope it is clear to you.

    Lastly it would be interesting to know, if you were able to resolve the issue.