NodeBB New Users Overwriting Existing UserIDs

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  • Hello! I recently backed up my MongoDB and NodeBB forums to migrate over to another server, I imported the MongoDB dump and put my files in and almost everything resumed to how it used to be.
    I see no errors or anything in the logs that look odd, but whenever somebody makes a new account on the forums it starts with UID of 1 then goes up by one (like normal) however... I have 80 users and each time somebody signs up it's overridding my account and users who signed up after me.

    First person to sign up on the forum since migrating overrides my account and gets owner...


    Getting no abnormal errors (except the Steam login plugin that never worked for me), is there a way to fix this? I'm a novice so if you need any more information please let me know and I'll try to get it.

    NodeBB Version: 1.12.0 (Older backup I migrated with)
    Mongod: v4.0.10
    OS: Ubuntu Sever 16.04

    I noticed when importing some DBs it said some tables already exist and it didn't overwrite it, could it have been that? How could I force it to overwrite existing data in MongoDB? Thank you!

  • Did you run ./nodebb setup when you installed?

    That will create a database and if it's not overwritten by the restore you'll have problems.

    I recommend deleting the new mongo database and running the restore again.

  • On a fresh restore, check what the global object contains... let us know.

  • Thank you all for the responses and offering your time, I completely wiped the nodebb db in MongoDB and re-restored it and everything is functioning perfectly again. ☺

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