NodeBB wont start, Windows

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  • @Reinaldo-Borin said in NodeBB wont start, Windows:

    @scottalanmiller Hahha Looks like an account created by Mongo i guess.. i really idk what is happening here, going to format my windows, maybe.

    Anyway, thanks for your help until now 😄

    If you are going to start over, do this on Linux, Windows is a really bad choice for this. High cost, low performance, but most importantly, going to cause so much unneeded complexity and problems like this. It's just far less known and there is so much more to go wrong. Doing this on Linux is so easy, and so well known.

  • @Reinaldo-Borin that error is likely completely different. I've not seen that, though. That one looks like something in the code.

  • You can run NodeBB on Windows just as fine as on Linux:

    That Windows is slower or more complex is utter nonsense. NodeBB runs great on Debian, Windows 2019 or FreeBSD. Only difference is higher RAM usage on Windows and FreeBSD handles networking better so the forum feels more responsive under load. Setup complexity is pretty much the same on each platforms if you know what you are doing.

  • @Pummelchen said in NodeBB wont start, Windows:

    Setup complexity is pretty much the same on each platforms if you know what you are doing.

    The problem is complexity is defined by how much you need to know to know what you are doing, and tasks like this on Windows generally require you to know more making it more complex. On Linux it is trivial to follow a guide or script that will do all of the work for you.

    This example shows how close we get to a one liner to install it on Linux. Can you do something similar on Windows? Maybe, but the effort to do so isn't "so easy that we write it up regularly whenever we do it because it's that easy."

    No "Linux" knowledge really even needed. Just fire it up, copy the commands, and done. Just acquiring the software on Windows is a bit more complex.

  • @Pummelchen said in :

    Only difference is higher RAM usage on Windows

    That's not a small factor. But some timing tests would be nice to see on identical setups (RAM, CPU, Node version, load) how Windows and Linux compare in performance. Windows also has the complexity of licensing. A lot of people aren't aware that Windows 10 can't host the MongoDB server as it violates the EULA (in most markets.) It's trivial to just say "always have to use Windows Server", but it's just one more step that's needed, as is often the case with Windows. Things you get to bypass elsewhere have things like "we just have to mention", or whatever. Or if you are on a VPS, there is normally a pretty significant additional charge both because you need more RAM or the Windows licensing, or both.

  • Not a NodeBB specific test, but a NodeJS one, and just an isolated example, but suggests that Node at least is far faster on Linux. Now keep in mind this is old so pretty much worthless as a test. I'm interested to do some real testing, though.

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