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  • I love the composer.

    I know I've already said that but I do, so much it inspires me to see it shine shine shine!

    First I present some basic edits and additions to the composer, to refine even more the sleek minimalism - sleeker, not weaker.

    Spot the Difference


    Did you spot the changes?

     Red Changes.png

    A) Gone is the left aligned arrow/circle - meet the new (27px x 3px #E2E2E2) - RESIZER NOTCH! 🙂

    B) Huh? What is that ... read on

    C & D) - Doesn't this just look better, make more sense positionally, rather than words in those clashing with the input and preview areas!

    E) - I'm pitching to fully BOX in (top, left, right & bottom) the post editor - Also reducing the beautiful blue line down from 3px to 2px.

    Composer - Right beside you!

    B) What happens when you click it! 😉


    Mans & Womans - I dunno if this exists, I searched, I didn't find it but why not! (now you know why the box in post editor box is needed further + it visually feedbacks better too) It's clearly the natural progression to enhance composer experience and I have NEVER seen this done in any forums I have used, ever! (happy to be corrected).

    For the sake of focus I have split by posting the full blown right side composer pitch here: "Composer - Right Beside you" dedicated dev topic so click here to continue the surge of comments 😋 - thanks!

    Please Upvote 👍 - If you want to see this as a core feature in standard nodeBB deployment.

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