NodeBB - Azure Cosmos DB (Mongo) error

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  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to run a version of NodeBB (1.12.0) to Azure Cosmos DB, but am receiving the error:

    error: No more documents in tailed cursor {"name":"MongoError","tailable":true,"awaitData":true}
    error: uncaughtException: No more documents in tailed cursor
    MongoError: No more documents in tailed cursor
        at Function.MongoError.create (/nodebb_dir/node_modules/mongodb-core/lib/error.js:31:11)

    I can run ./nodebb setup with the Azure Cosmos DB connection uri, and that works fine. Once the setup is complete and I run ./nodebb start I get the above error.

    Connection string is as follows:


    (I've tried with and without replicaSet but doesn't seem to make a difference)

    I have been able to setup & run a local version of NodeBB connected to a free Mongo DB and a local Mongo DB.

    Has anyone seen experienced this problem with Azure Cosmos DB and been able to fix it?

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    Your image didn't finish uploading

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    That solved my problem. Thank you so much!!!!

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    Yes, the url in config.json should be equal to exactly the URL at which you access your site. It usually shouldn't be localhost or an IP address.

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    @luukholleman I think it will all depend on how skilled you are in Javascript. NodeBB has an inbuilt api so shared user authentication will be rather easy.

    Because of the API, Your chats / notifications should be able to be done rather easily too. Just need to get the user to login via nodebb's login then you can pull notifications. How you do that is up to you and how you make it notify is also up to you.

    Nodebb as the forum link. Yeah thats easy. Put nodebb in a dir of "forums" and then just link to it 😛

    Moving away from php is a good idea and seeing as nodebb and angular both use node.js it looks like you are going with the right forum software.

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    @svetlana It looks like it is a problem of either v1.0 itself or incompatible plugins. I reverted openshift-nodebb README to 0.9.x. You can try fresh install with 0.9.x, and later, when things cool down a bit and plugins are updated, you can update to 1.0.

    AFAIK you can have up to 3 "servers" on OpenShift for free. And since you already know the drill, it should be easy to make another instance of NodeBB just for testing :).