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  • Hey guys, I would like to ask you for your help. Ive been programming for about 3 months and my knowledge on how to implement nodejs projects is very limited. I want to use the NodeBB forum for a website im making and even though i can install it, I dont really know how to modify it to my needs. Things such as changing the user information requested upon sign up, or changing the link so the forum works somewhere else besides :4567, like a subdirectory, stuff like that. Do you guys know of a guide that would allow me to go from a recently installed forum to have it somewhat customized? Is there any other advice you could give me? Thanks in advance

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Customising things like profile fields, you'd have to customise a theme, which is a but more complicated than can be explained in one forum post.

    However, regarding the port number, you'll want to use a reverse proxy like apache or nginx:

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