Invitiation only - Nginx proxy - wrong port in invite

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  • Hi,

    Just getting my first NodeBB forums setup.

    I want the forums user signup to be "Admin Invitation Only".
    I have email configured, that's sending out email OK.
    I have an Nginx reverse proxy setup - it's doing SSL for the forums, listening to 443, and redirecting to and that works fine.

    My problem is that when I invite someone - they get the email, but the invite link is wrong. In the link (actual domain name redacted), there is instead of
    I've looked at the email templates and they don't make any sense to me.

    Ideas, advise?

    Much appreciation for any help,

  • Nevermind, figured it out.
    Inside of config.json there is the url field and a port field... I had a port inside of the URL field, and I removed the port from the url and restarted nodebb, and it's working now!

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    Thanx! 🙂