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    Well for bugs, put that on our issue tracker on GitHub so we can address that right away. 🙂

  • @Mizore ChtiJS 🙂

  • I like NodeBB's look and feel. Earlier we used Ikonboard and still using IP.Board and vBulletin (but not for long, I hope). Our communities were related to ice hockey (I have been invited to some events in Embassy of Canada), Soundgarden (Seattle/Vancouver, grunge music) Finland/Malaysia and since 9 years notebook/laptop computers only.

    I want to say thanks to all Contributors for being able to use NodeBB. So thank you All.

    Here in PL when you say Malaysia Truly Asia people think you're talking about a girl name. As a journalist I have been in a local Dell factory and guess what...

    A part of their map showing factories all over the world.

    Do you remember Nordiques de Québec? Take a look on my avatar. 😄

    Yeah, I live near to Germany and have a car made in Turkey. Have to say I'm a big fan of modern architecture and gardens (we plan to start a new community related to plants cultivars).

    I beg you, change your job and start working at NodeBB Inc. :octocat:

    Please start using NodeBB! 🙂

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    Can't believe I've missed this thread!

    It's so... cute!... 👪

  • Swedes

    I think I missed this thread too 🙂

    My name is Mikael 34 years old. Live in Sweden, stockholm (Capital of Sweden). I have my own company that helps people with everything related to technology.

    This is me: In both english and swedish

    Not master at javascript but I am learning. My fokus is Opensource and Linux (Gentoo flavor). Want to know more, just ask me 🙂

  • Should probably update mine now I'm not a developer. Everything else is the same, but I'm now a corporate IT analyst for one of the largest bookmakers in the UK.


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    Haha very cool. For the new people in this thread we also have: https://community.nodebb.org/topic/3287/post-a-picture-of-yourself/

  • @psychobunny said:

    Haha very cool. For the new people in this thread we also have: https://community.nodebb.org/topic/3287/post-a-picture-of-yourself/

    You killed that topic when you started posting with no clothes on... 😆

  • GNU/Linux

    I'm Codejet, from Australia.

    Came across NodeBB reviewing forum software and thought the idea of live streaming forum was a pretty innovative & awesome idea. I've done various things in the past, linux/BSD security/ hacker type stuff, have been senior sysadmin for a small ISP, was an old member of the underground hacking scene in Australia when IRC was popular. Massively out of the scene though, most of my old friends run Ruxcon security conferences in Australia here.

    So that's me, I dabble in a bit of C# these days to cure my boredom. Might finish a program one day, watching football (soccer) and frequenting forums cure my boredom for the other half of my free time. Anyway nice to meet you all and good luck with whatever you're doing...

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    Oh good another football fan. From Australia, so I imagine you know about Tim Cahill liked that guy

  • GNU/Linux

    @psychobunny said:

    Oh good another football fan. From Australia, so I imagine you know about Tim Cahill liked that guy

    Yeah, Kewell, Viduka, Cahill. All class, we're lucky we've had a few goodies over the years.

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    Do you follow any leagues? I'm a die hard spurs fan, so if any of you guys support arsenal I'm sorry, instaban 😉

  • GNU/Linux

    @psychobunny said:

    Do you follow any leagues? I'm a die hard spurs fan, so if any of you guys support arsenal I'm sorry, instaban 😉

    lol, arsenal are ok I do enjoy watching Alexis Sanchez run around.

    Spurs have one of the best strikers England have seen for some time in Harry Kane. Awesome prospect

  • Greetings!

    Thought this would be the appropriate place for my first post here after catching up on those brave enough to expose themselves here for all the world to see.

    I'm proud to be an "Old TImer" (in Internet years) hence the screen name, most people online call me Pops. As my avatar would suggest, I'm addicted to Minecraft (thanks to my kids) and am an aspiring live streamer over on the Twitch.tv network (same screen name). I stumbled upon this wonderful place just today while looking for "Todays" forum software.

    (back in my day, LOL) I started online in '94 when internet usage was charged by the minute, and began building websites using Netscape Navigator Gold. My first online account was with AOL but quickly kicked the training wheels for Earthlink which was the first company to do the flat-rate pricing for $19.95/mo USD (I still have the original floppy disk sleeve with my login info penned on the inside cover)

    My first computer was a TRS80 and then an Apple II+ (yes, I'm a diehard Apple fanboy, but respect those who choose anything other than Apple). My first useful computer was a Mac Performa 6200 which was the first consumer computer to have a 1GB hard drive. I currently use both a MacPro and a custom built Windows PC (had to go with a Windows box for streaming)

    I consider myself a code hacker, I can read just about any programming language and understand what is going on, but I have never developed the skills to write code. (lack of time/money) So I do a lot of copy/paste and code tweaking in order to bend the code to my will. Realistically, though, I'm amazed I have any hair left with all the times I have been stuck trying to make something work only to find out later I missed a bracket or semi-colon somewhere. I'm sure you will get to know me soon enough as I prepare (stumble through) to build my forum with NodeBB.

    Speaking of forum software, I started with what many consider the Grandfather of forum software. It's my opinion the UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board) software was one of the first and where phpBB, among others like it spun off from. Is UBB even around anymore, I believe they were also the ones who started the BBcode markdown instead of allowing html in posts.

    I have a degree in visual communications (fancy name for graphic design) and have worked as a web developer as well as running a freelance graphic/web design business. I'm very much burned out working with clients, so the work I do now is for my own projects. My latest, and the reason I found NodeBB is to be used with two Minecraft related websites. I have a dedicated server using Serverpilot to manage my websites and look forward to being a part of this community.

    Oh ... I live in Idaho (USA), turning 44 this weekend, happily married with 10 kids (no, it's not a religious preference, and we're DONE!!)

    One last thing ... I can be long winded, so I apologize in advance ... er ... well, after this post anyway.

    Thanks ... Pops

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    Welcome 🙂 <-- averaging out long posts with short ones

  • Hi Guys =),

    I just realized that i didn't introduce myself after couple of weeks discovering what all of you brilliantly created.

    I am a 24 yrs old French, with international business formation.
    I started to learn a bit of code and design (gimp) when i was 16, and at that time i created my first website (with notepadd++ and tutorials of siteduzero, French will know ^^) ; a motorcycle website/forum (phpbb) dedicated for my hometown community, a french island lost in indian ocean .

    Then with my studies i started to drop all of that, as well as my first passion, Motocycle :'(.

    After travels and work abroad in China, I decided to move back to France, Bordeaux precisely, where i wanted to start a new company. After months of research, draft of business plan about shoes and international business ...

    We just realized that there was some opportunities in the collaborative and freelance economy and we are aiming to redefine collaborative work platform targeting freelance.

    My objectives using now nodebb, is to built a community around our project for three different reason:
    First displaying our concept and project through a video to earn visibility.
    Second hoping to attract the Freelance community, to support and exchange about features of our product.
    Then attract/recruit as well coders/programmers for development of the platform.

    Nice to meet you all, and thanks already for the support provided !

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