Clicking on resized images to view full-sized images??

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    NodeBB v1.11.0

    Possibly relevant plugin: nodebb-plugin-extended-markdown

    I'm not sure what the default behaviour is supposed to be...

    When I upload an image in a post it gets resized. Immediately after making the post I can click on the image and it opens up a full-sized image. However, from there on, clicking on the image has no effect (ie no full sized image is opened).

    I can still access the full-sized image via the uploads folder...

    I would like the capacity to click on the image to get the full sized image. Any ideas?

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    Seems to work fine here for example:

    I also tested this with local image uploading and it seems to work fine as well.

    Do you have a live forum that we can check this out at?

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    @psychobunny I can pm you an address. Not quite ready to post one here....but I'll follow up here...

    This is for local image uploads.

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    I found a solution to this problem (which was driving me crazy) but still don't know what actually causes the problem.

    I inspected the html for the posts where I couldn't click on the images to expand them:

    <div class="content" component="post/content" itemprop="text">
    		<img src="/assets/uploads/files/1549051302974-blur_dn_spider_dsc02880.jpg" alt="blur_dn_spider_DSC02880.jpg" class="img-responsive img-markdown">

    If I edit the post (tools>edit) in NodeBB and save the post and re-inspect the html it looks like this:

    <div class="content" component="post/content" itemprop="text" style="">
    		<a href="/assets/uploads/files/1549051302974-blur_dn_spider_dsc02880.jpg" target="_blank">
    			<img src="/assets/uploads/files/1549051302974-blur_dn_spider_dsc02880.jpg" alt="blur_dn_spider_DSC02880.jpg" class="img-responsive img-markdown">

    So now a href tag is being added and everything works as expected.

    Strange! Oh well. At least I have a fix of sorts. 🙃

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    Ugh. I spoke too soon. If I refresh the page, the href tag disappears!

    That's really weird.....🤔


    I upgraded to v1.12.0 and the problem disappeared (and none of my plugins broke either).

    Let us never speak of this again... 👍

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